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Coolest Soccer Cake

This is a simple soccer cake I made for my father in law that was here visiting from Scotland. He loves to watch soccer so this is a perfect size-design for any man that likes sports.

All you do is make a round cake and find a photo online of sport,etc (I did a soccer player because there is no one team he likes, but you could do just the team logo) they like then print it then gel onto cake and ice and put a shell border and your done with a good looking cake!

I baked two round 8-inch cakes for this. I did not have time to make buttercream icing so I did use white canned icing for this-and the good ole hot water and icing knife to make it look smooth as best as I could.

For this one I just found a picture of a soccer player online and printed it out. I then used wax paper and piping gel and traced as best as I could on it. Then I flipped it over onto cake. And whats good is it really does not matter if it is backwards from actually picture. Once I had the outline on cake I just chose blue to tint the icing and traced and filled in as best as possible.

For the little tiny things like hair, shoes, ball,etc I just used a toothpick. I dipped it into icing and got a little out then put on plate to mix with little dye that I needed…no use to waste all that icing and dye for little things! I used the toothpick to just make ball, etc on cake, so easy, no mess and surprisingly easy!

And I just hand wrote the Happy Birthday and used the blue for that and I used the *shell tip to make a blue border to bring out the color of soccer player. Very easy and good for sports theme cake.

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