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Coolest Soccer Jersey Birthday Cake

My nephew was always talking to my husband about soccer so for his birthday I offered to make a cake with something that he would enjoy. My husband gave me the idea of the Soccer Jersey Birthday Cake for he was always offering advise to our nephew and knew what team jersey to choose.

This cake was made in 3 pieces to make it easier to decorate, travel to location and ensemble. The arms of the shirt were made from cutouts of the cake and they were made as two separate pieces and the body was all one piece.

Decorations were made with fondant while the cardboard base was cut and shaped as one piece to make it a solid, movable base.

The best thing about the cake was that the chocolate cake was covered with a simple yet clean fondant cover, and even though the name and the top decorations were small pieces, the big blue fondant piece on the cake made it look perfect.

Enjoy this simple, creative idea. It was a hit.