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Coolest Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Cake

My son can be so unconventional, he always wants something that is not the latest craze. He wanted a Sonic the Hedgehog cake when Sonic cakes were rarely found. Plus, he has food allergies, so it had to homemade. So that’s when I discovered Frozen Buttercream Transfers and taught myself how to work with icing.

It was so much fun to make! It was very time consuming and I am glad I practiced on a smaller cake first. I went for something easy since I am still a cake noob. I wrote Happy Birthday on the side and presented it for the one and only person it mattered to: my son. He loved it and was as giddy as… well as a 5 year-old on his birthday!

I wanted to use a lighter colored icing for the background, but the kiddo wanted chocolate everything. The FBCT, however, was made with store-bought vanilla Betty Crocker icing so the food coloring would be at it’s best. The cake was a simple Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Cake Mix – allergy free, of course! Quick review of it: Everyone thought it tasted great! Found it at the local health food store, but I heard Albertson’s carried it as well. I used two boxes to make a double layered cake, which it wasn’t easy to do with this cake mix considering there isn’t much to hold it together. But icing is a nice glue and cover up, so I practiced with it and it turned out nice!

At the party I got a lot of compliments from the parents, even an, “She didn’t make that. She bought it.” Haha! That’s is a compliment if you ask me! Everyone enjoyed it and I was very proud of learning something new (and thankful it turned out well). But mostly, I was happy that the kids were tickled with it. I call that a success!

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