Coolest Sound Board Cake

This Sound Board Cake was made for a friend who is a sound guy for his birthday. The D1 is the name of his sound board that he uses at the theater he works at.

I used a 12x 18x 2in pan for the cake. I made a wooden frame that the cake sits on so it was at the correct angle. I frosted the cake with black icing and pipped all the details for the sub-masters.

The sub-masters themselves are white chocolate that I made molds for my self out of amazing mold putty. I also made molds for the EQ knobs. I painted all the chocolate with the metalic icing dust to make the silver.

The edges of the board is fondant that I also painted silver with the icing dust along with the 3 screens. The meter board is cardboard that I frosted with black icing and piped in the lines. ( I ran out of time to figure out how to make it edible and stand up in the back.)

In the picture the cake has a crack down the middle from it not being supported well enough before picking it up! Lesson learned!

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