Coolest South Park Cake

I made the shape drawn out on foam core, and used it as the cake board. These are basically round cakes, all covered in fondant. They are cut out to fit into one another. The South Park cake itself weighed about 30 pounds, as it is all triple layer.

I used chocolate frosting as the base for my fondant, and took quite a bit of time to mix the orange into the fondant and roll it out to one huge piece. The hands were cupcake tops, the feet are cut out using an oval cookie cutter from leftover cake parts, then covered in jam and black fondant. I actually couldn’t find any black fondant in time, so I colored that myself – I recommend buying it, it takes forever!

His eyes are drawn onto the white fondant with edible markers. Everything but the can of peas is edible, but the crowning touch is the casket, which, when closed, looks like a casket. Great fun!

The coffin itself is made from just a plain old box with sheets for a party table cut to cover it. The blood is just candy!

This was for my brother Kenny’s 40th birthday.

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  1. The can of peas is because that’s all Kenny in Southpark won at a contest to win Thanksgiving food or something pitiful like that. And they didn’t even have a can opener…

    THANK YOU GUYS FOR THE PRAISE! I just like making cakes. I have more pictures, email me at

  2. If you don’t want to buy black fondant. I made a black cat cake and i found it really hard to colour the fondant as well but eventually figured out if you just colour it to a dark grey, put it on your cake and then paint it with black food colouring it works great, you get a black glossy fondant.

    The cake it awesome, i’m thinking of making a south park themed on for my boyfriends birthday.


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