Coolest Sparkling Sandals Birthday Cake

I bake the cakes , but my husband is the artist who crafts them into the master pieces that they end up as.

The Sparkling Sandals Birthday Cake, was our last ditch effort at something original for our daughter’s 10th birthday. Our girls never know what their cake is going to look like until the day of the party. They get to choose the theme, but the cake is always a surprise.

The Sandals cake was made using a regular chocolate cake mixture of which I baked 2 standard slab cakes. My husband then used a pair of my daughter’s shoes and cut a template of the actual shoe. He then laid the template on the cake and cut 2 “shoes” out of each slab (ending up with 4 “shoes”). He then shaped the top piece for each shoe to get the slope of the shoe. He then “glued” the top piece onto the bottom piece, using regular white icing. We wanted to make black sandals, but the colour came out silver grey, which actually worked out perfectly in the end. He covered the “shoes” with the icing and then sprinkled strawberry crystals and edible purple glitter on the top.

We used purple fruit pastels and rolled them into long flat sheets from which we cut the straps for the shoes. We purchased the white icing roses from a local cake shop and after attaching the straps with pieces of tooth pick, we put 1 rose on each shoe for decoration.

We then mixed pink icing and he piped, using a star nozzle, blobs in formation, onto the side of the shoes. We used shiny pink edible balls and put 1 on each pink icing blob so that the sandals would shine.

It was a hit.

Homemade Sparkling Sandals Birthday Cake

Homemade Sparkling Sandals Birthday Cake


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