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Spooky Homemade Spider Birthday Cake

I made this Spider Birthday Cake for my son Deacon’s 6th birthday party. His birthday is shortly before Halloween so we went all out with the spooky theme!

The cake is a simple two tiered round cake that I frosted with chocolate. I used an offset spatula to get the icing as smooth as possible. I used red decorator’s frosting to make a web across the whole cake. I placed an orange marshmallow cupcake in the center for the spider’s hairy body, two black M&M’s made for perfect eyes. The legs are Twizzlers. I pushed toothpicks in the ends to stick them into the cake and make them stand up. Be careful pushing the toothpicks into the Twizzlers, if you push too hard or too fast the toothpicks just break!

The ‘baby spiders’ are made out of orange M&M’s with red decorator’s frosting legs. I sprinkled the remaining orange and black M&M’s around the bottom of the cake to complete the look.

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