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Coolest Spider Web Birthday Cake

I made this Spider Web Birthday Cake for my son’s 2nd birthday. He has a thing for spiders and bugs etc, so thought it was pretty cool. The cake itself is made from a normal chocolate cake recipe quadrupled to fit into a 40cm x 40cm tin.

To shape the cake I cut a rough template out of baking paper and lay it on top of the cake, and then just cut around it.

I decorated the cake with red “ready to roll” (fondant) icing, and piped it with white icing to create the web. The Spider was made from large licorice sticks rolled by hand into balls, with a little red icing added at the last minute to make the marking on it’s back.

The legs are licorice sticks cut in half lengthwise. The eyes are just dots of white icing added at the last minute. This was one of the quickest and simplest cakes to decorate.

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