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Coolest Spiderman and Venom Cake

I made this Spiderman and Venom cake for my first nephew. He loves Spiderman and he is turning three. So, I decided to make him a cake that looks like a Spiderman 3 movie poster.

Before you say anything, let me say this, I know the drawing is crooked. Give me a break! I free handed everything on this cake. I didn’t know how to trace pictures onto a cake. The most challenging part of this cake was making the face for Spiderman.

I colored the cake black before drawing everything else. Venom was just black and white frosting drawn over each other. For Spiderman, I had to draw the outline of the face and fill in the outline with red frosting. I think there was probably a better way to do everything, but I didn’t reach my head at the time. I needed to get this cake done (including baking) in about two hours.

I wrote “Logan is 3!” because it seemed more fitting if I tried to make a movie poster instead of “Happy Birthday”.

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