I made this Spiderman Birthday Cake for a friend’s son’s 6 yr. old birthday. First I made 2 13X9 cakes. Then after they cooled I leveled them and shaped them to the head. I had cut out a template to follow and placed it on the top of each cake so the size would be accurate. I placed a thin layer of icing in between each layer and stacked one on top of the other for the 2 layer cake.

Next I ‘dirty iced’ the cake. After it sat to harden a little I dyed the icing a deep red and iced the cake again in red.

Now for the more detailed part! I piped the webbing in black with Tip #4. I started by using a toothpick to put my straight lines from the center of the cake outwards and down. For it to kind of look like a star. I piped those lines out. Then I just freehandedly piped the rest of the lines to create the webbed effect. Make sure to curve the lines some.

For the eyes I used black and white fondant. I rolled it out and cut the shapes from a template I made. I placed them on the cake and it was done!

For the cupcakes I wanted to add just a little something more to the cake and used Spiderman cups and then spread red icing on top and piped out the spiders with Tip #44 for the body and Tip #4 for the legs.