I made this homemade Spiderman birthday cake for a 4 year old boy who loves SPIDER-MAN. I used a Spiderman applique for the picture. I drew a black spiderweb then placed the applique in the center of it. You can use a tube of black frosting for the web and any other designs.

The cake is half a sheet size. Use your favorite recipe. The frosting is buttercream: using a two pound bag of confection (powdered sugar) two sticks of butter, 2/3 cup of cream and one tablespoon of vanilla extract or any of your favorite extracts. First cream your butter with an electric mixer until lite and fluffy then slow and sugar alternating with cream mixed with extract of your choice until creamy and light.

I used yellow food coloring to tint it; you can mix it in with the electric mixer it will make it more uniform. The applique is non-toxic and can be used to decorate a t-shirt or backpack afterward. The child will love that!