Coolest Spiderman Birthday Cake

I baked chocolate sponge cake in 10 x 13 inch pan and covered it with store-bought chocolate buttercream frosting. I made extra batter and baked it in a meatloaf pan, and added it to the top in 2 layers to make the building, covered it with vanilla frosting tinted with blue food color. The doors and windows are Airheads candy.

Then I added a Spiderman action figure my son already had (I think it came with McDonalds Happy Meal, and the size was just right!), and a Spiderman candle. The spiders were piped with store-bought icing.

I am submitting this Spiderman Birthday Cake to encourage newbies. This was my first attempt ever at making a theme cake, and I tried to come up with the simplest decoration ideas. Not much skills required at all, but lots of time and patience if you’re inexperienced like me. The end results are worth the reaction I got from my son and the guests.