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Coolest Spiderman Birthday Cake

I made this Spiderman birthday cake for my son’s 4th birthday. He wanted the whole character but I knew I wasn’t that skilled so we settled on just his face. I had my brother, who is a fairly good drawer; draw the face shape out of a card board box. And I cut out the eye shape out of construction paper.

I baked two standard yellow store bought cake mixes and set them side by side and placed the face shape over the cakes sideways. I froze the cakes over night so cutting them would be easier, less crumbs and chunks falling off while cutting. So I cut the face shape out and set the extras aside. I did the eyes first so that I wouldn’t get icing on the paper and drew around the shape with edible marker. Flipped it over and did the same with the other eye.

Then came the “red” which looks more pink but it was as close as I could get it without ruining the icing. I slathered the cake and then smoothed it out with an icing knife. Then came the web which was fairly easy. I used a ruler to try to get the lines fairly straight and just swooshed the connecting lines on it. Everyone loved it and said it turned out really good. I got the idea from a online coloring book.

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