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Coolest Spiderman Birthday Cake

QUESTION:  Carl LOVES Spiderman!  Could you do his birthday cake like Spiderman?


I baked a 16 “- 1 layer FUNFETTI cake. This pan size takes about 3 cake mixes! I mixed up a batch of decorator icing, coloring some blue, red, black and leaving a little white!  Spread the blue icing all over top and sides of cake. I didn’t want to get caught in a web, so I found an awesome template of Spiderman that I printed, cut out and placed on the blue icing then traced with a tooth pick around it (including the cut out eyes!)

I filled the eyes in white and smoothed out.  Filled in the traced area with red icing, smoothed a little but we all know spiders are kind of rough! I traced around the red icing with the black. Then I started in the center with a small circle and then expanded out with more circles at random intervals. When the circles were done I took a tooth pick and pulled it through all the black circles to create the web effect, because after all, what is a Spiderman without his Web?

I wrote the Happy Birthday in black icing. The birthday boy’s name was big balloonish letters so I could complete the look by filling in with the spider web and created spiders dropping down!

The birthday boy LOVED the cake! When his sister got a piece of it, he asked why she was eating HIS cake!

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