Coolest Spiderman Birthday Cake Idea

I like to give myself a challenge and create something with that “wow” factor when the kids’ birthdays come around. This year, my son asked for a Spiderman cake for his 4th birthday. I googled and found instructions on how to make a version of this Spiderman Birthday Cake Idea which I then played around with on the day. It certainly has that wow factor!

You need 3 cakes to make the bust. 2 circles on top of each other make the chest and then the third cake is cut into quarters and 2 quarters are placed on either side to make the shoulders. Then, you just place a wig head on top (I secured mine with skewers) and ice away.

What looks really hard, couldn’t be easier! I added to the effect by getting some Persian fairy floss to look like webbing.