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Coolest Spiderman Birthday Cake

My son wanted a birthday just like his friends… all Spiderman!  He said he wanted it “exactly the same” so when I asked him, “So, I can do cupcakes too?”,  my soon to be five-year-old said, “No.  You do my cake!”  The bar had been set, now I must rise to the occasion each year I suppose.

Let me tell you… this many layers isn’t easy to work with!  I used a couple of plastic drinking straws to help stabilize the structures. The bank is six layers. I used the leftover cake to make the door enclave, covered the entire thing in butter cream  and used cut fondant to accent.  The apartment building is eight layers. Trying to cover eight buttercream filled and covered layers in fondant is quite an adventure!  The tar roof is course sugar rolled onto black fondant.

The road is fondant and the grass is piped butter cream   Spiderman and the bank robber are action figures bought at Wal-Mart and the webbing is a dollar store Halloween decoration. The billboard is markers and card stock taped to Lincoln logs then anchored in a blob of leftover fondant which I blended to look like a big rock.  I blew up the Houston skyline on the copier at work (shhhh) and pasted it to a display board for the backdrop.  The trickiest part is getting Spiderman to balance on top of the cake.  A small piece of fondant stuck to the bottom of his feet and a drop of water helped.

My son thought it was super cool and so did his friends!

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