Coolest Spiderman Cake

My very sweet 6 year old neighbor loves Spiderman!  I always make cakes for all my neighbor kid’s birthday, so he was very excited to pick Spiderman!  I started by using a 10″ square cake pan for the bottom cake.  For the top of the cake I used a 8″ round cake pan.  After both cakes were cooled, I cut the round into an oval shape for Spiderman’s head.

I tinted some butter cream icing blue and iced the bottom cake.  Then with some black icing, I drew lines for the appearance of a spiderweb.  I then laid the oval cake diagonal on the square cake.  I tinted more of the butter cream icing red and iced the oval cake.  Then I did the same thing with the black icing on the head for the appearance of a spiderweb.  I left 2 empty spots for the eyes I filled in with white butter cream.

For the birthday message, I decided since I didn’t have room on the cake to write it, I rolled out some white fondant into an oval and then with black icing wrote the birthday message.  He loved this cake so I was very happy!!

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