Coolest Spiderman Cake

This Spiderman cake is two 8 1/2 inch layers, Red velvet cake soaked in Raspberry Jello and covered with butter cream icing (yellow) and royal icing (other colors) for my grandson’s birthday.

After the cake was cooled out of the pans and in the fridge, I poked holes in the layers, mixed the jello and waited for the jello to thicken, to heavy syrup consistence. I put the cakes back in the tins and poured the jello into the holes, and let it set-up in the fridge. After the jello was stiff, I plugged the tops of the holes with royal icing and frosted the cake with butter cream icing.

The drawing was freehand using the smallest tip. This was my first attempt at a “decorated” cake.

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