This Spiderman cake is a chocolate fudge cake which is covered in fondant icing. For the Spiderman I got a picture of Spiderman which I laminated and then I used that to cut Spiderman out of a thinly rolled piece of sugarpaste.

I then carefully copied the picture of Spiderman onto the icing with a pale coloured edible pen. I then painted him in with edible colours. I made the web out of pieces of fondant icing thinly rolled out and cut into strips. I then painted in the finer details of the web.

When you live somewhere where there are no cake decorating supplies whatsoever, except for icing sugar, you have to become inventive in order to decorate cakes.

I do get some essential supplies of ingredients to make fondant icing along with paints and other sundries. But, in between I have to use my imagination! I use this method of making decorations at lot with my cakes but would be lost without my computer to get the graphics as some of the characters I am asked for I have not even heard of. Have heard of Spiderman, but would not be able to draw him from memory!