Coolest Spiderman Cake

Thank you for this site! I got this idea for a Spiderman cake from here and wasn’t going to submit it but did because I wanted to share a couple of things I added.

I used Spiderman cupcake papers double, since you could see them from the side. Also, I was concerned with the cupcakes holding together during transport to the next town so I shaped them together tight and ran clear packing tape all the way around with part of it stuck to the cupcakes and part of it stuck to the board.

When the mom picked it up I had it set up as this picture is but the smaller cupcakes went in a box for her to set up when she got to the party. All she had to do was cut the tape at serving time. Transported perfectly.

Also, I was using Wilton’s icings in the tubes and had done the eyes stars with the white, that went fine, but I was half way done with the top of the head when the stars started coming out all mushy, like my hands made the icing to hot. So I ended up just squeezing all the red out and frosting it with a knife.

Smoothed it with the knife dipped in a little water. Dabbed up any wet spots, let dry, then put the web on.

What a great idea the cupcake were! Thanks again!

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  1. Love this idea using cupcakes and am going to use it for my 5 and 3 year old’s upcoming birthday. Perfect for the little guests instead of cutting cake. Thanks for the inspiration.

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