I used 3 boxes of French Vanilla cake mix and about 2 1/2 of it fit into my 11×15 Wilton sheet cake pan to make this Spiderman cake. I added 2 extra eggs to what the recipe on the boxes called for as I heard this helps make cake extra moist. Be sure and generously grease and lightly flour pan first. (I used remainder of batter in a 8×8 square glass pan that I baked and used as my test cake for practice purposes.)

When it cooled I iced with Wilton Buttercream icing recipe (double the amount was what it took to cover the cake) in just plain white. Placed it in freezer and then found my Spiderman coloring book template online. I made 2 copies of the picture and cut him out. I know other people suggested cutting out on wax paper but I just used the regular copy paper and it didn’t stick to cake at all.

I laid out the image as I wanted it securing it with toothpicks and then iced it again with yellow icing, placed back in freezer. Then pulled off picture, making perfect outline of Spidey. Then I got the 2nd copy of Spidey leaving all the RED areas and filled in with the BLUE, then refroze. Came back and filled in RED, then black outline, then black webbing — freezing between each layer. Remember to keep eyes white.

Everything took me a long time as I am a novice cake decorator but I appreciate all the ideas I got from this website. I think you will be able to mix & match ideas and come up with your own wonderful cake. My son, Luke, who turned 3 yrs old LOVED the Spidey cake!