Coolest Spiderman Cake

Wow. Where do I begin? This Spiderman cake was absolutely fun to make! Bit tiring with all those webs lol, but hey, I wont complain.

First I baked one cake using a heart pan. And then I baked another heart cake. So two total. I also needed to make a cake using the 8in round. The 8in round will be used later for the ‘shoulder’ pieces. Imagine the circle being cut making 4 equal wedge pieces. Sorry I don’t have pictures. After all is said and done. Cakes have cooled, etc. The fun begins!

I placed one heart cake on a cake board. Followed by some frosting. Then I placed the second heart cake on top of that. I then cut the 8in round in half one way. And then the other way to end up with 4 equal wedge shapes. I took two of the wedges and placed together and placed where Spiderman’s shoulders should be. Repeat on the other side. Now you have a cake that is heart shaped with wedges.

Okay. Now this is where in the end I messed up. When I first made this cake from this point I just added the mannequin head on top and frosted everything. That was a BIG no no! Be sure. PLEASE! Make sure you cut off the ‘point’ area from the heart cake. Your ‘shoulders’ should be flush with the heart cake and you should be able to cut off a straight line.

Whew! OK. Now. After you have positioned the mannequin head and you have done the above go ahead and frost EVERYTHING. Don’t frost underneath the head as it will make everything more messy. Because I am picky about what I put on my cakes, I put a cake board underneath my mannequin head. There may be other ways to avoid doing this. I noticed on the YouTube videos that I watched that they didn’t use anything underneath.

OK, now after everything was frosted, I rolled out my homemade red MMF. I personally like to mix the color in before I add the powdered sugar. So much easier this way. Because I wasn’t sure where to start LOL I just rolled and cut and placed. I made sure though for the face to just roll out a bigger piece so it would be seamless. The rest is chocolate frosting with black icing color. The eyes are vanilla frosting. Now I just looked at a picture and tried to get the same effect for the webbing!

This cake was for my son’s birthday. He loved it!


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