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Coolest Spiderman vs Green Goblin Cake

For my son’s 5th birthday, I made him a “cake” of brownie towers with Spiderman and Green Goblin about to square off on the rooftops. So, technically, this isn’t cake, but it could be done with layer cakes made in square or rectangular pans.

I used foil-covered Styrofoam blocks at the centers and built the brownie around three sides. I used chocolate Graham crackers for the roofs and alley. The chocolate brownies are held together and to the foam center with chocolate frosting. I used cream cheese frosting for the red velvet brownies. I colored coconut flakes with sprayable green icing. If I’d had more time, I would have dyed it in food coloring. I think it would have been less messy and I would have gotten more even color.

I broke off squares of a white chocolate bar for the doors, and the flowers are juju candies. The toys on the roofs double as gifts, and there is a little plastic trash can in the alley from an old monster jam play set (recycled from last year’s monster jam cake).

I made 3 batches of chocolate brownies and 2 of red velvet. I used The Perfect Brownie pan (I have 3 of them), which is good for getting a uniform size. After the brownies cooled, I cut them again for a more narrow brick-like shape. I baked, cut and froze the brownies over 2 weekends in advance of the party. I should have thought about the grass earlier because I could have dyed it while the brownies were baking.

Anyway, it was all worth the time and effort because my son was surprised and happy. His friends were impressed too with this Spiderman vs Green Goblin cake, and I think that made him feel proud.

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