Coolest Spinning Pokemon Cake

This Spinning Pokemon Cake is my son’s 7th birthday cake for his party this morning. Having been too ill to make one last year he spent the majority of the year guilt tripping me so I went all out this year.

Having developed a current obsession with Pokemon (despite my best efforts) I let him print off his favourite characters and then decided how to fit them on. The base is a triple layer chocolate sponge with 2D characters. The middle (was supposed to be) three characters holding up a spinning Pokeball however at 0540am I really had to go to bed! So there are Piccachu and Charmander made out of Caramel Chocolate Rice Krispie Bars and the Pokeball is mounted (very badly!) on an upside down battery powered mirror ball motor.

I tried to make the Pokeball out of Krispies but the mount wasn’t strong enough for the weight so it’s made of a polystyrene base around the battery and LED set-up (2 LEDs inside a food colour pot wrapped in foil to make it glow).

Leaving supports in to afford the icing time to dry in an attempt to give it some sort of chance of working everything was fine when I left it to get my hour and a half of sleep before going to the hairdressers.

Despite the fact that in the seven short years of my son’s life he has fully understood the importance of not touching the cakes on his own – in his total excitement (before I got up) he decided to switch the motor on. Although he quickly switched it off when he realized what was happening it had already ripped the base of the ball away making for a very very wobbly ball!

Despite the panic repairs we had 17 very excited 7 year old’s – I think I’ve redeemed myself for this year.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Spinning Pokemon Cake”

  1. Awesome cake! Good job! Definitely one of the coolest cakes I’ve ever seen. How did you make the characters on the sides?

  2. I wish I could do this design, it is fantastic! My 9 year old would love it! He phased out of the Pokemon stage around age 7…but he’s back into full force again with the neighborhood kids.

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