Coolest Sponge Bob Cake

My daughter is having a Sponge Bob themed party for her 8th birthday. I am not a party person, or a real good cake decorator but I figured I could give this Sponge Bob cake a shot because it is an easier type of cake to make.

I used two cakes, she wanted chocolate, I wanted yellow, we settled on marble. The first problem we ran into was the cake stuck to the bottom of the pan, but we got beyond that. The second was the frosting I made was to runny and I had to run to the store to buy regular frosting to add to it.

I used food coloring to add to white frosting, and it turned out well that way. The best tip I can give is have lots of frosting so if you make a mistake you can scrap off and start over, the second is make sure you have a frosting bag, I can’t find mine and that made things harder.

Yellow sets in more yellow after a while so don’t be upset if you can’t get it the yellow you want, it will change. To make black I used blue, red and green coloring in very liberal amounts and it looks kind of a dark green but turns more black as time goes on. Use a toothpick to outline your face and words. If you mess up you can always scrape off.

Be prepared for a few hours worth of work unless you’re really good and efficient, which I am not. Oh and remember you can do this!

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