Coolest Spongebob and Friends Scene Cake

I was asked by a neighbor to make a Spongebob and Friends Scene Cake for her daughter who loves Spongebob. I knew that I wanted to do a scene with Spongebob’s house but wasn’t sure which figures I could find. After looking all over with no luck for the characters, I decided to try Walmart. I went to the Supercenter and their bakery dept actually sells just the characters, the ones they had were Patrick, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabbs.

I used an 11×15 cake. I decorated it with buttercream and graham crackers crumbs. For the houses and the boatcar I made three batches of rice krispy treats and while still warm shaped them into the respective pieces. I let them harden overnight. I then covered them with buttercream and then fondant. The top of the pineapple is airhead candies that I cut and wrapped around kabob skewers. I used the Halloween crabby patties for the boarder and filled in Mr. Krabbs boat with them.

The road is chocolate covered graham cookies. She loved it so much that she wouldn’t let anyone touch the boat or the pineapple. This was a fun cake to make.

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