Coolest Spongebob Bikini Bottom Birthday Cake

After viewing your web page I was truly inspired by the photo “Coolest Sponge-bob and Friends Birthday Cake 19″ by Darla. I tried to find Sponge Bob figurines in my town as well as two others. Unfortunately, I was unable to. I was just about ready to give up when I was looking at a coloring book that happened to have stickers and instantly a light bulb lit up. I decided to use my scanner to increase the size of each of the characters to my liking. I then used adhesive foam board to attach the photos so that they would be rigid.

I did bake a four layer cake in scalloped cake pans for added dimension. I do not watch Sponge Bob, but, my grandsons love it so I did some painful research and was able to nail the different aspects of Bikini Bottom. I hope you enjoy the photo. My family certainly enjoyed the cake. I was overjoyed by the looks on their faces.

This Spongebob Bikini Bottom Birthday Cake is the first cake that I have decorated in about five years. It has me ready for another one!

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  1. I love your cake!! It has given me an awesome idea for my daughters. I have also been trying to find spongebob figures for my soon to be 5 years olds party and I can’t find them anywhere. You have given me a great idea, thank you very much and the cake is beautiful!

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