Coolest Spongebob Birthday Cake

I made this Spongebob Birthday Cake for my son’s 6th birthday. It was a 13 x 9 chocolate mix with regular store bought frosting and food coloring. I used Swiss Cake rolls for his shoulders and feet, and breadsticks dipped in frosting for his arms and legs. His nose was also made from a piece of a breadstick.

I used a juice glass to outline the shape of his eyes and I used blue airheads for the color. His tie was made from a fruit roll up and his belt and eyelashes were from black licorice. I used gum drops to look like holes in his sponge and tried to make the frosting wavy on his body.

His mouth, freckles, chin and socks were red and blue airheads that I cut and rolled into shapes. I had a problem with the black gel outline for his tie that didn’t show up as well as I would have liked. I made a Patrick Starfish cake to go along with it because I needed a lot of cake for 16 kids. All in all, it turned out well and the kids had a great time!