Coolest Spongebob Birthday Cake

My son is totally obsessed with Spongebob, so I set out to make him a Spongebob cake for his fourth birthday.

I baked a 9″ x 13″ funfetti Pillsbury cake.

I used fondant for the white of the shirt and the eyes, the red of the tie and the green of the dots. I rolled it out and cut it with a knife and cookie cutters.

I used Duncan Hines white whipped frosting with food coloring to make the yellow frosting for the face, and his chocolate whipped frosting for the pants.

I used black gel writer for the outline. This was the key for a smoother, neater and more complete look.

This was pretty easy to make and it was the first time I had used fondant. However, it tasted great because of the frosting rather than because of the fondant, and it was wise to use fondant only where necessary. All in all, it did not take more than one hour to decorate the cake. This was a big hit and I will definitely make this again!