Coolest Spongebob Birthday Cake

This Spongebob Birthday Cake was done for a 9 yr old little boy that wanted a cake for his birthday done like Spongebob because that is his favorite cartoon and he asked a year before his birthday that he would like to have one and I told him that if I was able I would see that he got a cake made like Spongebob and the time came around and I was determined to make that little boy a cake that he wanted.

Needless to say he was so thrilled to see such a big Spongebob cake, and to see the look on his face was worth every bit of the pain I had in my back and I was so glad to have pleased him. I started with a 16×20 double layer sheet cake and a 9x9x2 square cake. The hands, feet, eyes mouth, cheeks, teeth, and shoes were of home-made fondant and the rest home-made butter-cream icing.

I used dowel rods to support the Spongebob into place to make it safe for travel. It made it, the little boy was happy! I was happy and that’s what makes the world go round “Pleasing People”.

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