Cool Homemade 3D Spongebob and Hamburger Birthday Cake Design

A Spongebob Birthday Cake Design, what could be better? I made a 7×9 wood base and screwed in two dowels. I then made two more 7×9 1/8″ wood boards and drilled holes that would slip onto the main cake support (on the dowels that were screwed onto the base). I baked three 1/4 sheet cakes, cutting them in half then 7×9 inch. Sitting and sliding each layer onto the pre drilled boards with dowels. I used two dowels in each layer to help support the tiers (measuring each dowel to exact cake height in each tier).

I trimmed and frosted the cake with buttercream. Making two batches homemade fondant. I then rolled a 34″ circle to cover the cake. I then sprayed the fondant covered cake yellow! The arms and legs are fondant covered rice krispies treat, shaped to resemble arms and legs. All the trim, face, shoes and hands are from fondant. The hat for Sponge Bob is edible ink printed on rice paper and rolled into a cone shape.

I used frosting to trim around the bottom of the hat to secure it to the cake. Using a grass tip I made a ball on the top of the hat. What a joy to make!