Coolest Spongebob Birthday Cake Design

For this Spongebob Birthday Cake Design I used a 12×15 inch sheet pan. The cake is iced with butter cream icing. I used the large Wilton icing tip to ice the cake. For the top part of legs I used a king dong cake and cut off about a 1/4 for it to sit flat. I iced this in brown to complete his shorts.

For the rest of the leg and shoe I used a Swiss cake roll. I iced with yellow for his leg and then started with the white for his sock. The shoe was iced with black. For the sleeves of his arms I used 1/4 of king dong and iced in white. For the arms I used a little Debbie peanut butter cookie bar and iced in yellow. For his palm and fingers I used tip 12 to create a palm add fingers. I used fondant to make the eyes.

To get the shape I just used a regular drinking cup as a cookie cutter. I also used fondant to create his teeth, tongue and tie. To get the right shape I found a Sponge Bob picture and blew it up to use as a pattern. For his eyes I used blue icing and 2 brown m&ms. To make the sponge holes in the cake I used the back of a teaspoon and tablespoon. I lightly pushed into the icing and got a nice dimple.

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