Coolest Spongebob Hanging With The Jellyfish Cake

I made this Spongebob Hanging With The Jellyfish Cake for my sister’s co-worker’s daughter. She wanted pink included with the cake so I thought what not better than the jellyfish.

I baked the cake using a half sheet cake pan and round ball pans for the jelly fish. While I was baking I made stands for the jellyfish using plumbing pipe and floor flanges screwed into the wood board (that’s the sturdiest method I could find that I trusted to make the drive). Once I iced the Spongebob I covered him in yellow fondant, made the round circles in his “skin” with my thumb, put a little bit of green in the circles using a paint brush and wiped them with a cloth to give them a little bit of a shaded look. Then I added the eyes and nose and cut a slit with an exacto knife to make the mouth and shaped lips from that layed black inside the slit for the inside of the mouth.

I added the pants and tie. I used white plastic dowel rods for the legs, pushed them into the body and shaped the shoes with rice krispie treats (you couldn’t really see in the pic but they’re there). I covered in black fondant and pushed them into the dowel rod. I covered the jellyfish with a little fondant and airbrushed hot pink lines to make them look more like jellyfish. I glued the jellyfish legs with chocolate to the boards then glued the jellyfish to the boards also with chocolate.

Lastly I added brown sugar to the bottom board and choc seashells (not in the pic added at last min before they picked it up). I was pretty worried about if the cake would make it to the party since I’ve never made anything look like it was freestanding before but they said it never moved the whole drive and birthday girl loved it so I was pretty happy about that.