This Spongebob Pineapple House Cake is the first attempt to a cake like this. My 11 year old son helped me by forming the gum paste shapes. I used buttercream frosting for all the piping and I colored store bought frosting tan to blend in as sand.

I used a Wilton ball pan and an 8″ pan to make the house. I stacked them together, ball cake on top of coarse and carved a bit from the top to form the shape. I used graham cracker crumbs for the sand and gum paste for the sidewalk, coral, pipe, leaves, door and window. For the leaves on the top of the house, we formed them around wire and stuck them into the top of the house.

It was very hard to color, lots of hard kneading, but my son was a trooper with that. Once colored it was easy to form, like playdoh. Just make sure you keep it air tight until ready to use as it dries really fast. We used water to wet and attach the window parts and sidewalk.

The characters were purchased at a local store and he formed the door to be sized to scale.