Cool Homemade Spongebob Square Pants Cake

This Spongebob Square Pants Cake was great fun to make. I formed the body from a home-made and baked 10″ square vanilla sponge cake which I layered with home butter cream and Hartleys raspberry jam.

I created a template out of grease-proof paper and pinned the template to the square sponge and carefully cut around it.

Once the basic body shape was cut out, I formed hollows and notches into the body before covering the top 2/3 in yellow Regalice, the bottom 1/3 in white Regalice before overlaying the last inch or so in brown Regalice to represent Spongebob’s trousers.

Once the basic covering was done, I went to work on the tie, collar and black belt in his pants. I then made templates for the eyes and mouth, forming a 3D nose. I created cheeks using a little more yellow Regalice and painted red dots (using edible ink) to represent freckles. I tinted the sponge holes with edible green dust.

I formed arms and legs using different coloured Regalice and formed black Regalice shoes and put them in place before finishing off the cake by piping vari-coloured aqua stars over the cake board.

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