Coolest SpongeBob Squarepants Cake

My son LOVES SpongeBob, so for his 4th birthday I made him this SpongeBob Squarepants cake. I baked a sheet cake using 2 funfetti cake mixes. I tinted frosting yellow and frosted the top half of the cake. I split the bottom half between white and milk chocolate frosting. I frosted the face  features using white for eyes and teeth, black for outlines and lashes, and tinted milk chocolate frosting red for the inside of his mouth.

Both the tongue and tie are made from flattened out DOTS candy. His green eyes are DOTS too. I cut the yellow DOTS in half for sponge holes. The top of his pants are two halves of Swiss Rolls. His legs and nose are pretzel rods frosted. His shoes are Malamar cookies. I used a large tip (1A) top make his arms.

Everyone loved it. The kids were fighting over his legs and shoes!

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