My boyfriend Matt is a huge Spongebob fan, and the previous year I’d given him a shop bought cake that tasted horrible and thought “I can do better!” This Spongebobs Pineapple House Birthday Cake is the result! (for those of you who aren’t Spongebob fans, he bizarrely lives in a pineapple under the sea).

I baked two lemon Madeira sponges in large pudding basins, and one small round sponge in a sandwich tin, then stuck the whole lot together with lemon flavoured butter icing which I coloured yellow. I used the same icing to cover the outside of the cake, which I stood on a cake stand covered in brown sugar for the sand. The leaves were just thick green card pushed into the top of the cake.

The finer details were done with a writing icing tube in orange and the window and door made from regular fondant icing and food colouring. The Spongebob was from a Kinder Egg!