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Coolest Sports Ball Birthday Cake

This Sports Ball Birthday Cake was pretty easy. Time consuming but easy. I baked 2 12″ round cakes, the Wilton soccer ball pan, and mini ball pan. I layered and iced the 12″ circles. Then placed the soccer ball on top. Iced the soccer ball, and then made the basketball and the baseball. I took two mini ball pan halves and glued them together with chocolate. Stuck them in the fridge for a bit and then skewered the baseball to the cake. I then iced the baseball.

I put some grass in between the baseball and where I was placing the basketball. Then I skewered the basketball in place and iced that. However if I were to make this again I would have iced the sides of the balls that were going to touch the soccer ball before placing them on to hide the knooks and crannies.

I’d also only do a single layer for the base because the cake was to big for the amount of people it was going to feed. It’s not what I had pictured originally but I think it looks better than my first plan. The little balls are picks I got from Scoop ‘n save. I used them to draw the mini ball lines. I used the Wilton star tip(#16), tip #3, and the large grass tip. I also used thin consistency icing so it would go faster.

This was much easier than my last cake, and my nephew absolutely loved it. He was so cute!

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  1. My son wants a basketball party, which I am going to do a sports themed party. Do you have any pictures of decorations that you guys used?


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