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Cool Homemade Sports Balls Birthday Cake

This Sports Ball Birthday Cake my husband and I made for our son’s third birthday. It was our first attempt at decorating cakes. We used the Wilton ball pan to make 4 of the balls. We used a 10 inch round pan to make the football.

After baking all the cakes one evening we let them sit until the next day to cool. We started each cake with a thin layer of white icing-crumb coating, to help the other frosting stick better. Once the thin coat of frosting had hardened, it was time to start.

We used toothpicks to draw the design on the soccer ball as well as the lines for the baseball and basketball. For those three cakes we used star tips to ice the cake. We just learned as we went on how big or small we wanted the stars! The frosting was MUCH easier to work with cold!!

The golf ball we just smoothed out white icing as smooth as we could and then used a pen cap to make the dimples. The football we cut a rectangle out of the center of a circle cake and shoved the two sides together to make the football. We used frosting to attach. Just covered the cake with chocolate frosting from a can and used a flat tip to make the laces.

We were happy with our cakes, it was NOT hard but it DID take a lot of time.

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