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Coolest Spurs Football Cake

I started by baking a 10inch square sponge cake, this was then left to go completely cool. I then split in half lengthways and spread one half with jam and the other with butter cream and sandwiched them together. I placed a blob of butter cream onto the cake board to attach the cake to the board and then covered the whole cake with butter cream and placed in the fridge to chill for about 30min.

When chilled I kneaded 1 ½ kg of ready to roll out icing and then rolled out and covered the cake trimming off any excess icing this was left overnight to harden slightly. With the left over icing I left half in white and covered the rest in a navy blue using food coloring paste and placed these in a plastic bag till the next day.

The cake was now ready to decorate. I kneaded the navy blue icing until pliable and rolled out so I could cut out some oblong shapes to make the scarf to go around the edge of the cake. I then rolled out the white icing and did the same, then I started to attach the colors to the cake one by one until there was just the front of the cake left to decorate.

To decorate the front I needed to add some flour paste to the navy blue icing because this needed to hold it’s shape more. I rolled this out and cut into the edges to resemble the tassels on the scarf and then cut it to shape and attached it to the cake. At this time I needed to add some more white pieces so it wasn’t all blue at the front. With the left over navy paste I then cut out the football emblem and all the letters and attached these to the cake and finally I painted onto the emblem in white. They loved the finished result.

Homemade Spurs Football Cake

Homemade Spurs Football Cake

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