Coolest Stained Glass Cross Cake

I made this stained glass cross cake for my nieces and nephew’s (triplets) First Communion. I used a regular chocolate cake recipe and baked it in Wilton’s Cross Cake Pan.

I dirty iced the cake with white frosting. Then went over a second time to make sure that the chocolate cake was totally covered and no crumbs showed through.

Using a large square cookie cutter I made a pattern on the cake with 7 squares. Then I used a smaller square cookie cutter to make diamond patterns inside the squares. Then I used a small circle cookie cutter and made a circle in the center. Using black frosting in piping bag with small tip, I outlined the patterns.

I separated piping gels into 5 containers and colored them blue, green, yellow, purple and pink and put them in piping bags. Then I filled in all the different areas with piping gel rotating the colors.

Everyone loved it and I was happy how it ended up turning out.