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Coolest Steak Dinner Birthday Cake Idea 23

I made this Steak Dinner Birthday Cake Idea for my husband for his birthday. This is a total “man-cake”. All my male relatives loved it. I carved the T-bone out of a 13×9 cake and used the left over to stack and carve the shapes of the potatoes and mound of peas. I poured melted white chocolates onto wax paper in the general shape of a T and once dried I carved the shape with an exacto-knife to get the perfect T-bone shape I wanted.

The potatoes, I white iced with butter cream icing then scooped out a whole to fill with brown icing. I thinned the brown icing with extra milk to make a more “gravy-like” consistency. The peas I used a large circle tip, one dot at a time (this takes awhile but it looks really neat when it’s done). I smoothed over the edges of the “peas” with a small slightly damp paintbrush to have a more rounded look.

I heated a knife blade and pressed a square of yellow-dyed chocolate on it long enough to melt the bottom to look like a tab of butter to place on the peas. I shaved a little dark chocolate over the peas & potatoes to look like pepper.

This cake looks like it should take forever but it was actually pretty quick and easy once you figure out how you want to carve the basic shape.

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