Coolest Steiff Teddy Cake

This Steiff teddy cake was the 1st birthday cake for my son. I really wanted to celebrate this milestone, as he had a huge struggle to get there. He was born prematurely and with a huge heart defect.

I made a traditional fruit cake and sculpted all the pieces by hand. Each piece was brushed with apricot jam and individually covered in fondant and left to dry. The pieces were one by one assembled with wooden skewers and “glued” together with royal icing and each time left to dry completely. The whole figure was then coated with brown royal icing and lightly combed with a fork to create the fur.

The nose, paw pads and bow were made of fondant and the eyes were shop bought boiled sweets (sparkles).For the blanket, I marbled different colors of fondant and then rolled it and cut a square. I then cut a ribbon of fondant and double folded it. I put it as a trim around the blanket and used a perforating roller to ‘stitch’ it together. It was a bit of a challenge and took a good few days, because after every step, it had to dry.

I believe it is my best cake ever, because it was made with love.