Coolest Strawberry Shortcake

This is a double layer strawberry shortcake, with white frosting in the middle. I used the Wilton recipe for buttercream frosting, and colored it pink. I saved a little bit to remain white, colored a little bit green, and a little bit red. The black is from black piping gel I got at the store. It’s really hard to make true black with regular icing and the regular coloring.

I frosted the outside of the cake in the pink icing. For the top border, I simply created a pattern with Valentine’s Day M and M’s. I put them on right away in order to make them stick. My hindsight advice is to start in the back, so if you run out of space for an entire sequence, it won’t be noticeable.

For the bottom border, I piped white stars with a Tip 21 or something similar. For the flowers, I used a large round tip and piped a red center with five white dots around it for the petals. I used the leaf tip for the leaves. I piped two flowers on top of the cake, as well as some around the sides.

The Strawberry Shortcake on top is just a 3D candle from the party store. (Please don’t pay attention to the fact that one of her feet broke off). I stuck her on top and then freehand drew some strawberries using the red and green frosting. To make the seeds on the strawberries, I used black piping gel in a tube.

I wrote my daughter’s name in white icing, thinned out to make it flow easily. She and her friends loved it!