My wife and I made this Strawberry Shortcake Cafe Cake for our daughter’s Strawberry Shortcake themed party on her 3rd birthday. We began with two 9×13 sheet cakes laid side by side for a base. We used yellow and chocolate cakes. They were frosted with green butter cream frosting.

Then 2 9×13 strawberry cakes were halved to make four pieces and were stacked and shaped on an adjacent cutting board. The first two layers were moved to the base and straws were inserted all the way to the bottom, then the top two layers were moved over and straws inserted as far as possible. The strawberry was iced with butter cream frosting tinted red. The yellow faux seeds were made by cutting up yellow mints from our bulk foods department. The green hull was made by paving the top with green M$M’s.

The backyard was littered with Runts, just because and smarties were used to pave the walkway to the door of the cafe. The door, windows, and cafe ordering window were made from orange, lime, and lemon flavored tootsie rolls respectively. They were just warmed in the hand then pressed flat with a sturdy spoon then cut to the desired shape.

The entire cake base was bordered with strawberry Twizzlers keeping with our theme. These were also used for the stem on top and the counter under the ordering window. Rolo’s were topped with decorating gel and used as stools around the cafe. The toys were placed in front to complete the set up and were put on top of Hershey’s chocolate bars and thin mints. Jelly Belly beans were used as accents and to make the number three and there were some strawberry creme gummies on the roof for good measure.

Very fun cake to make and a real hit with the three year old girls!