I used a 8X8 square pan for the base and the Wilton Wonder Mold Pan for the dress of the Strawberry Shortcake cake. I used both so I would have enough cake for the guests and so I could make the cakes 2 different flavors. (Chocolate for the base and Strawberry for the dress.)

I bought the Strawberry Shortcake doll at WalMart. The Wilton Mold took 2 cake mixes but I only used one because SS is not as tall as Barbie. Be aware that if you use two mixes, the bottom of the dress will be too big to put on a 8X8 cake.

For frosting, I used homemade butter cream frosting and then embellished the dress with fondant flowers. Using fondant was fun and much easier than I thought. I bought the fondant and shape cutters at the local craft store. I don’t love the taste of fondant so I choose to just use a little and use “real” frosting for the rest.

The decorating job is not the smoothest but my 5 year old daughter LOVED it!! And after we cut the cake she got to keep the cute doll.