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Coolest Strawberry Shortcake Cake & Cupcakes

My niece asked for a Strawberry Shortcake cake for her birthday this year. I decided to make her a 6-inch cake with some cupcakes.

I baked 2 6×2 inches cakes to give the cake a good height so that I can add decorations to the side. First I covered the cake with white fondant then I cut a smaller pink circle with wavy edges to cover on top. Next I added a name plate and polka dots and stripes. Finally, I added the toy figurine, number candle, fondant molded strawberries and flowers to complete the cake.

For the cupcakes, I used simple swirls in pink. Topped half the batch with cupcake rings and the balance with fondant ribbons, flowers and strawberries.

The overall effect was great and the colour combination very sweet. My niece told me “The cake is nice!”.

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