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Coolest Strawberry Shortcake Cake Design

I have 3 boys that I love making cakes for but when I get to “go girly” I’m thrilled. This Strawberry Shortcake Cake Design is a two tier vanilla cake with buttercream icing covered in Marshmallow fondant. This is my second cake I’ve made with Fondant and I think it turned out well.

I did 2 x 10″ on the bottom and 2 x 8″ on top. Each tier was a vanilla section on the bottom, butter cream and then a pink coloured layer flavoured with strawberry candy flavour. The MM fondant is super easy to make and colour. The figurines were the most time consuming. They are made out of white then coloured moldling chocolate or called “plastic chocolate”. It is so super easy to make but work quick when sculpting and pop it in the fridge to bring down temp and to set your designs (tastes great).

Leave in a cool place after, the fridge can make it sweat and colours run. After the prep was done (cakes baked, icing and fondant made, accents finished) this was a blast to put together. I actually ran out of space for accents. I always start a cake with a plan and a drawing to keep me on track. Look at website, books and sites like this for inspiration You know you did a great job when they have a hard time cutting into it at the party!!!

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  1. Don’t be too intimidated by fondant. Start with a 6″ cake, something small. And use a design you can add lots too. Like flowers or dots to cover up problem areas. Tip- if your making your own MMF it must sit overnight, otherwise too stretchy. Good luck!


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