Cute Homemade Strawberry Shortcake Hat Birthday Cake

I started this Strawberry Shortcake Hat Birthday Cake with two strawberry cake mixes. Baked the bottom layer in a 9 inch round pan, the second layer in a cereal bowl(oven safe, of course). The buttercream icing I made myself, tinting it light pink.

After icing the cake, I piped strawberries onto the hat (tinted a little darker), tied a red ribbon around the center of the hat and attached the trademark green and white striped bow onto the side of the hat with a broken off bamboo skewer. (I found the ribbon at a local craft store). I then placed a pre-made sugar strawberry candy in the center of the bow.

To finish off the cake I piped shells around the bottom and wrote miss Emma’s name off the center a little. She was turning two and she knew exactly what it was and LOVED IT!

The cake was easy to make, took less than an hour and a half, baking time included!