Coolest Structure Fire Birthday Cake

I wanted to make my fire captain boyfriend something different for his birthday. I have made the fire truck and other fire department “significant others” made the other cakes that I found online. SOOOO… I got my creative juices flowing. For this homemade structure fire birthday cake I used homemade pound cake and homemade cream cheese frosting. I made three 13×9 pound cake and 3 batches of cream cheese frosting.

I now know it would be easier to make two 9×9 square cakes and one loaf pan. Cutting out the pieces made icing the cake dirty and it took quite a few more layers of icing than should have really been needed. I also found that putting the cake together and icing it all at once is easier.

Being that the homemade structure fire birthday cake has a lot of candles on it, I put bamboo sticks in it for support. I used green sugar for the grass. I built a pretzel ladder but it looked out of place. I used graham cracker pieces and food coloring for the windows and doors and chocolate sprinkles for the “soot”.

For this cake you need LOTS of candles to make it look like it is a house on fire. I had a lot of fun making this cake. If you have any firefighters I’m sure they will love it!! Have Fun!!!